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Associate Professor

The Department of Experimental Physics

How to reach me

office: 18 (Building A)


+380 652 230-223 (o)


regular mail:
Department of Experimental Physics
Simferopol State University
95007 Simferopol
















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Last updated September 23, 1998

  • Physics, Simferopol State University 1978-1983
  • PhD in Physics (Nuclear Magnetic Resonans), Saint-Petersburg State University 1992
Professional Experience

Associate Professor Simferopol State University 1993 - present

Research areas
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Magnetically Ordered Substances.
  • Multiquantum Effects in NMR of Quadrupole Nuclei.
  • Computer Simulation in Magnetism.
Courses of lectures
  • Magnetic resonance and relaxation
    introduction to the theory of magnetic resonance, experimental methods in magnetic resonance, mechanismes of magnetic relaxation, electron - nuclear and nuclear - nuclear interactions, NMR in magnetically ordered substances.
  • Solid State Physics
    symmetry elements, tenzor description of crystals properties, defects of a crystal lattice, magnetic properties of diamagnetic and paramagnetic solids, magnetic properties of superconductors, exchange interactions and magnetic ordering.
  • Computer physics.
    scientific diagrams in physics, MathCad for decision of problems in physics, Maple for decision of problems in physics, the Monte-Carlo methods in magnetism, computer simulation of spins dynamics.
Computer programs

Simulation of Hahn Echo (for Windows 95)


Journal Articles

  • G.N.Abelyashev, V.N.Berzhansky, S.N.Polulyakh, N.A.Sergeev and Yu.V.Fedotov. Transverse magnetic Relaxation of  53Cr nuclei in Ag-doped CdCr2Se4. JMMM V.184 (1998) P.222-226.
  • Полулях С.Н. Delphi3: Строим графики (rus). Компьютеры+Программы. N4(46) (1998) P.26-29.
  • V.N.Berzhansky, A.I.Gorbovanov, S.N.Polulyakh, and N.V.Pronina. Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation in Ferrimagnetic Y3Fe5-xSixO12 films. Phys.of the Solid State V.40 (1998) P.1357-1359.
  • G.N.Abelyashev, V.N.Berzhansky, S.N.Polulyakh and N.A.Sergeev. The NMR Study of Fluctuations in Orientation of the Electron Magnetization. In "Frontiers in Magnetism of Reduced Dimention Systems". NATO ASI Series: 3. Hihg Technology - V.49 (1998) P.271-175. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston/London ISBN 0-7923-5026-X).

Conference Proceedings

  • ЯМР ядер 63Cu и 65Cu в ферромагнитном CuCr2S4:Sb. (rus.) Тез.докл.XVI Международной школы-семинара "Новые Магнитные Материалы Микроэлектроники" (ISBN 5-88417-146-3). Ч.1, С.333-334. Москва,1998.
  • Компьютерное моделирование в магнитном резонансе. (rus.) там же, С. 172-173.
  • Multiquantum Spin Echoes from Quadrupole Nuclei in Ferromagnetic Materials. Proc. of the Joint 29th AMPERE - 13th ISMAR International Conference. (ISBN 3-7983-1780-1) V.I, P.33-34. Berlin, 1998.
  • Simulation of Influence of Water Molecules Motion on Proton NMR Spectra of Natrolite. Proc. of the Joint 29th AMPERE - 13th ISMAR International Conference. (ISBN 3-7983-1780-1) V.II, P.650-651. Berlin, 1998. © 2002 Таврический национальный университет