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Vasiliy Georgievich

Ena (Yena) Vasiliy Georgiyevich - professor of faculty of the Common Earth Science at the Simferopol state university, the academician of the Crimean Academy of sciences.

Main area of scientific researches: physical, historical and recreational geography, geoecology, environmentаl protection and protected areas management.

Dr. Yena delivers lectures in such courses: General Earth Science, Use of Natural Resources and Nature Conservation, History and Methodology of Geography and also specialized courses - Ecolgical and Geographical Problems of the Crimea, Protected Areas Management.

V. G. Yena is the participant of 42 expeditions and scientific trips in the Crimea and the Black Sea Region, Baltic countries, East Europe plain, Carpathians, Ural, Tien-Shan, Caucasus, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany.

More than 50 years he investigates landscapes and geoecology of the Crimea and the Black Sea Region. More than 100 Crimean natural landscapes, localities and stows have got the status of reserved territories due to V. G. Yena's researches.

Dr. Yena is the author of ca. 400 published scientific and popular scientific works on physical and recreational geography, landscape science and geoecology, nature protection and protected areas management, geographical education and history of science, among which 35 monographies, guidebooks and manuals dedicated to geoecological and historical and geographical problems of the Crimea and the Black Sea Region. Dr. Yena is the participant of 120 scientific forums and conferences, including 16 international ones; the participant of the UNESCO International research program "Man and Biosphere" (MAB, project 6.1 - mountain countries of southern Europe), the Crimean project of the Biodiversity Support Program, International Black Sea Conference "Religion, Science and the Environment" -symposium "The Black Sea in Crisis " (1997) etc.

The researcher has been creating scientific basis for the safety and sustainable development in the Crimea through organization of National Natural and Historical Park "TAVRIDA" (300.000 ha) with having international value in the Black Sea Region, and also Great Eco-Ethnographic Trail of the Crimea (extent of 500 kms).

Some more authors projects are in sight. Among them: Working out of a scientific basis for integration of two approaches in using the Crimean nature resources, - strong nature protection and mild controlled recrea-tional using of landscapes.

Biological and landscape diversity conservation, including preparing The Red Data Book of the Crimean Flora and Fauna,

The Green Book of the Unique Landscapes of the Crimea,

The Blue Book of the Protected Sea and Coastal Complexes of the Crimea.

Fundamental works

Bokov V. A., Yena A. V., Yena V. G. et al. [Боков В. А., Ена А. В., Ена В. Г. и др.] Geoecology. Scientific and methodic book on ecology. -Simferopol: Tavriya, 1996. -384 pp. [in Russian]

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Yena V. G. [Ена В. Г.] Landscape Monuments. -Simferopol: Tavriya, 1964. -76 pp. [in Russian]

Yena V. G. [Ена В. Г.] Explorers of the Crimean Soil. Essays of investigators of the Crimean nature. -Simferopol: Krym, 1969. -136 pp. [in Russian]

Yena V. G. [Ена В. Г.] In Mountains and Plains of the Crimea. -Simferopol:Tavriya,1973. -112 pp. [in Russian]

Yena V. G. [Ена В. Г.] Reserved Landscapes of the Crimea. -Simferopol: Tavriya,1989.-136 pp. [in Russian]

Yena V. G., Kostritskiy M. E. [Ена В. Г., Кострицкий М. Е.] The Crimean Peninsula. A geographic essay. -Simferopol: Krym, 1966. -64 p.

Yena V. G., Tverdokhlebov I. T. [Ена В. Г., Твердохлебов И. Т.] Крым. Crimea. La Crimea. XXIII International Geogr. Congress. A guide for Congress par-ticipants. -Мoscow: Vneshtorgizdat, 1976. -102 p.

Yena V. G., Tverdokhlebov I. T., Shalyt C. P., Yena An. V., Yena Al. V. [Ена В. Г., Твердохлебов И. Т., Шалыт С. П., Ена Ан. В., Ена Ал. В.] Southern Coast of the Crimea. -Simferopol: Business-Inform, 1996. -336 pp. [in Russian]

The comprehensive list of Dr. Yena's works is available in:

Vasiliy Georgiyevich Yena. The bibliography [Василий Георгиевич Ена. Библиография печатных трудов]. -Simferopol: Intellect, 1997. -35 p.

professor of faculty of the Common Earth Science at the Simferopol state university, the academician of the Crimean Academy of sciences.

The Facultyt of Geography

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